Alice Wylie Reserve

Day 230, Sunday 8 April 2018

Alice Wylie Reserve is a small park in Mount Albert. It has some lovely mature trees, including a large olive tree and a pohutukawa. It has a really good balance between open areas and secluded ones. The park was named after the deputy mayor of Mount Albert at the time it was created in 1982.

A sculpture, Statue of a Cloaked Woman, by Christine Hellyer is almost hidden in a rock garden, but is visible from New North Road. The sculpture commemorates the women of Mount Albert.

In 2012 the rather run-down park was re-created in its present form, with Alice Wylie present at the re-opening. A couple of years later, aged 90, her handbag was snatched while she was walking in the park, injuring her hand. Dripping blood, she gave chase but was unable to catch the man. There’s more information about her interesting life in a stuff article.

Distance travelled: 16 km. Total distance so far: 30,025 km

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