Pukekiwiriki Pa

Day 238, Monday 16 April 2018

I visited Pukekiwiriki today, a pa site in the Red Hill area of Papakura. There’s a small sign on Red Hill Road, and a leafy path runs through native forest around the volcanic outcrop where the pa was sited. The outcrop has near vertical sides, making it an ideal place to fortify. In the 1920s steps up to the top were carved out of the stone. These are worn and slippery. The pa site is now grassland, with views over the surrounding countryside somewhat obscured by the growth of bush and gorse. Kumara pits are clearly visible, but defensive earthworks are no longer discernible.

The pa was attacked by Hongi Hika in 1822 during the Musket Wars, and by Government forces in 1863 during the New Zealand Wars.

Distance travelled: 76 km. Total distance so far: 31,059 km

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