Far North Ulysses St John’s Ambulance ride

Day 247, Wednesday 25 April 2018

The Far North branch of Ulysses, based in Whangarei, has a ride each Anzac Day to support a branch of St John’s ambulance in their region. This year’s ride was to Dargaville. I rode up to Whangarei with a small group of Auckland and North Harbour members, and a total of 70 bikes rode from there to Dargaville. St John’s put on a lunch for us, and made money through a charge for the lunch, badge sales, and a raffle.


On my way home, I found the usual North Harbour Wednesday ride in Wellsford. They had gone to Port Albert, but the shop there was closed for Anzac Day so they had come further north for lunch.

Distance travelled: 414 km. Total distance so far: 32,347 km

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