Bomb Point

Day 249, Friday 27 April 2018

I rode through Hobsonville today, where vast areas of new housing are under construction. Many of the roads I was on do not even appear on my GPS, but because no one actually lives on them yet, I suppose they’re not a priority for the map updaters.

Bomb Point Park (Onekiritea) is an 11 hectare park on a site where the Air Force used to store munitions. There are several bunker entrances visible but they’ve been fenced off. The park has great views over the upper Waitemata Harbour, but is mostly undeveloped and used as a dog walking area. There’s a few mature trees, but it’s mostly grassland. The bay below is Catalina Bay, earlier a site for flying boats to land. It’s muddy and there’s no obvious pedestrian access.

It will be interesting to come back here in five or ten years and see how it has developed.

Distance travelled: 55 km. Total distance so far: 32,405 km

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