Green Bay

Day 251, Sunday 29 April 2018

I rode to the Auckland suburb of Green Bay, and walked down a concrete path at the end of Portage Road through Karaka Park (where there was once a substantial Māori pā) to Green Bay beach. The tide was out, and several groups of people were walking over the mudflats, possibly looking for shellfish.

I followed a track going east, climbing steadily up the cliffs until it reached Taunton Terrace. A sign on the left says the land on the north is owned by the Air Force and threatens unpleasant things to anyone crossing the fence without authorisation. The map shows this land to be occupied by Motu Moana Scout Camp, who I expect would be more friendly. At Taunton Terrace, the track heads downward again, with a sign calling it “Te Awa O Tiwira” (The pathway of Tiwira), but the sign was mostly unreadable and I can find no mention on Google of this name. From the track, there are views over the Manukau Harbour.


Distance travelled: 21 km. Total distance so far: 32,443 km

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