Titirangi beach

Day 256, Friday 4 May 2018

I rode around the Titirangi peninsula today. There are lots of narrow winding roads which makes this a good place to practice low-speed riding, although I imagine the locals would not welcome groups of motorcyclists doing this.

Titirangi beach on Aydon Road is a sandy beach with a pleasant park. The water is shallow, so at low tide the sea is a long way from the shore. I was there near high tide, when the beach is at its best.

I found a boat ramp at the end of South Titirangi Road but there was no beach there. Alex Jenkins Memorial Park is a small grassy area which doesn’t appear to offer beach access, and although it rises above the coast there’s no view from it. My map says the park extends around the coast, so perhaps there was a walkway at the back of the park that I didn’t see.

At the end of Arapito Road, I was expecting to find a path down to the coast, as well as one back to South Titirangi Road, but only the latter path was in evidence.


Distance travelled: 35 km. Total distance so far: 33,786 km

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