Day 257, Saturday 5 May 2018

I went to Westhaven Marina today, one of the largest marinas in the world. The road I took led me under the southern end of the Auckland Harbour Bridge. To the east of the harbour bridge, the area is dominated by boats and boat-related businesses, including several yacht clubs. A number of people were strolling or riding bikes on the bike path, and the cafe was popular, but there were more cars parked than people visible. Some people would have been working on their boats, or have parked and taken their boat out for the day.

On the western side of the Harbour Bridge, boats are not the focus. Several people were fishing, and the cycleway which runs up into Herne Bay was well-used. Lots of cars were parked, which must be an overflow from the east side because I couldn’t see anything which would attract so many people on the west side.

Distance travelled: 15 km. Total distance so far: 33,801 km

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