Maungawhau / Mount Eden

Day 276, Thursday 24 May 2018

I rode to the Maungawhau volcanic cone today, in the Auckland suburb of Mount Eden. The summit was open to vehicles until about two and a half years ago, but now it’s a pedestrian and bicycle-only zone. I started walking along the old access road which winds around the cone in a clockwise direction. As I reached the easternmost part of the road, a set of steps went down to Glenfell Place, and on the other side of the road, headed up towards the summit. These might be new as I haven’t noticed them before, so I followed them and found they took me to the summit much more quickly than the access road.

Maungawhau gives great views over Auckland, and there were substantial numbers of people at the summit including several busloads of Chinese tourists and a school party. The summit area is large enough to take these people without being at all crowded. I appreciated the absence of buses and cars at the top.


Distance travelled: 8 km. Total distance so far: 35,842 km

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