Day 281, Tuesday 29 May 2018

We rode down the Poutō peninsula from Dargaville this morning to Poutō Point, with 45 km of winding sealed roads through pleasant countryside, then 15 km of unsealed roads in good condition, and finally 10 km of difficult gravel road. We would like to have ridden to the lighthouse, but that was not practical due to the high tide and soft sand at the entrance to the beach. On the way back up the peninsula we detoured to Kellys Bay, a lovely spot on the eastern side with huge numbers of oystercatchers and dotterels (birds) nesting.

On the way back to Auckland we went exploring on the gravel roads south of Mangaturoto, and found Otamatea, with a nice beach, a picturesque church, and a marae.

Top left photo: Poutō Point. Top right: Kellys Bay birds. Bottom: Otamatea church.

Distance travelled: 366 km. Total distance so far: 36,659 km

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