Kauri Point, Laingholm

Day 294, Monday 11 June 2018

I’ve been through Laingholm a few times, but hadn’t explored along Kauri Point Road before today. The road runs south to the end of the peninsula and ends at the top of a cliff. A fence blocks off further access, and trees block the view. However, I found a semi-concealed makeshift path going around the fence and ending up at a wooden seat which had a very nice view over Bokel Bay to Cornwallis. If I lived here, I would sit on that seat with a book and a thermos of tea! There was no way down to the beach below from here.

Just before Kauri Point Road ends, Ewing Road goes off it, and that ends at a small park. This park also has a wooden seat, but there’s no view from here. A proper path with steps goes down to Bokel Bay, which is a stony beach which looks quite wild. The end of the path is quite slippery.


Seat at the end of Kauri Point Road


Bokel Bay

Distance travelled: 44 km. Total distance so far: 38,063 km

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