Hard to Find Bookshop

Day 301, Monday 18 June 2018

In March I visited the Hard to Find Bookshop in Onehunga, and commented that the rambling dilapidated second-hand shop might not survive as Onehunga moves upmarket. I wasn’t aware at the time that the landlord had recently raised the rent to a level the bookshop couldn’t afford and despite a fundraising campaign it seemed there was no way for the business to survive.

Fortunately a new location has been found, also in poor condition but with a rent to match. Like the old building, it rambles, and with large windows and polished floorboards it has character which very much suits its new tenant. I enjoyed visiting it today and seeing this business I value with a new lease of life. New address: 2 – 8 St Benedicts Street, Eden Terrace, Auckland 1010.


Distance travelled: 7 km. Total distance so far: 38,831 km

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