Wairoa Falls

Day 304, Thursday 21 June 2018

I rode to the Hunua Ranges Regional Park looking for the relatively obscure Wairoa Falls, an informal name for a small (6 m height) waterfall on the Wairoa River. There is an unmarked track going off the carpark at the beginning of Otau Road (which goes to the Wairoa Dam). This is a steep and slippery track but it isn’t very long. It leads to the base of the falls.

In the otherwise deserted carpark, an Auckland Council car was parked, and the driver came over as I was locking my helmet to the bike to make sure I was aware of the precautions needed to prevent kauri dieback. I assured him I was, and asked if there were kauri trees on the path I was taking. He was unaware of the path or of the falls, despite them being clearly audible in the background. I guess the council is putting general staff on duty warning the public about dieback as well as the highly-informed park rangers.


Distance travelled: 120 km. Total distance so far: 39,270 km

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