Te Ara Tahuna Estuary path

Day 306, Saturday 23 June 2018

A couple of months ago, I rode to Millwater with the intention of walking along Te Ara Tahuna shared walkway and cycle path, which runs right around the Orewa River estuary. I couldn’t find parking, then was stuck in a dead-end street when traffic lights would not trigger for my motorcycle, and gave up in disgust. Today I went back to try again.

There was parking at the Longmore Lane entrance to the walkway, but it was for drop-off/pickup at the nearby school and had a five minute limit. I decided that since it was the weekend, I’d risk leaving the bike there.

The walkway was a broad path with a good surface, which took me past a large mangrove swamp to the banks of the Orewa River. There were lots of other people around, some strolling like me, some jogging, some cycling, and some walking dogs. It was a sunny day and my walk was most pleasant. I’ll go back and do the northern part of the walk sometime.

Distance travelled: 81 km. Total distance so far: 39,389 km

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