Logan Carr reserve

Day 307, Sunday 24 June 2018

Logan Carr reserve follows a tributary of Pakuranga Creek from Kilkenny Drive to Chapel Street, ending at the busy Botany Downs Town Centre, which is even busier at the moment with heavy machinery expanding the shopping centre. There’s a strip of native broadleaf podocarp forest around the stream, which provides a sufficient habitat that I heard birdsong as soon as I got away from the main road. There are fish in the stream although I didn’t go looking for them. I saw a group of half a dozen pukeko.

At the Kilkenny end, a group of exercise machines are placed in a curve. Their sleek black and metal forms look like modern sculptures.

On the other side of Kilkenny Drive, Kellaway Reserve runs upstream to Point View Drive.

Distance travelled: 42 km. Total distance so far: 39,431 km

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