Treasure hunt

Day 312, Friday 29 June 2018

A beautiful day for a ride today, but I needed an obscure 19th century magazine for some research, and only two libraries in Auckland have it, so getting it took priority for me. At the Auckland Museum, they confirmed they had a copy, but for reasons I didn’t quite understand it wasn’t available today. At the University of Auckland, I was able to easily find their microfilm copy on the shelves, and a librarian was happy to give me a quick tutorial on how to use the reader, even though I’m not a member of their library. It would have been a painful process taking a car or public transport to these two locations, but on the bike I was able to zip through traffic, use the Grafton Bridge (which is not available to cars), and get free parking at both locations, so my research was made easy.

Distance travelled: 12 km. Total distance so far: 39,719 km


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