Clarks Beach

Day 323, Tuesday 10 July 2018

Heavy showers today, but Auckland Ulyssians were undeterred, and I led them around the rural roads south of Waiuku on a similar route to the ones we did on 15 May19 December, and 22 August. I wasn’t leading on those previous rides, so a few of the roads I chose were different, but not less fun to ride. We managed to avoid the rain for the morning, more by good luck than good management.

We had lunch at Cafe Sole in Clarks Beach. Showers passed over as we ate and chatted. During a fine break we saddled up and departed, but the sun disappeared again and we got wet on the way home.

There’s a new housing development underway on the outskirts of Clarks Beach. It will be interesting to see the building progress as we visit every few months.

Distance travelled: 175 km. Total distance so far: 40,973 km

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