Matahuru Road

Day 330, Tuesday 17 July 2018

Our Auckland Ulysses ride today went to Native Tree Cafe on SH 27. On the way we stopped at Matahuru Hall, and knowing that some of the riders liked to ride on gravel I suggested we split into a group to ride along Matahuru Road, and a group to follow the original planned route on sealed roads. I was a little surprised that everyone wanted to ride on the gravel road, although we were all on heavy road bikes.

Matahuru Road runs northwest from the hall to Kaihere on SH 27, becoming Ohinewai Road in the process. The last nine kilometres are gravel. None of us had ridden on this road recently, so we didn’t know what to expect.

It was mostly good gravel, but there were a couple of places where a slip had covered the road in mud, one place where there was thick gravel over the road, and a trench running diagonally across the road gave our suspensions a workout. We stopped to enjoy the view over the countryside at the top.


Distance travelled: 240 km. Total distance so far: 41,828 km

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