Kakamatua beach

Day 333, Friday 20 July 2018

Kakamatua beach is down a short track from Huia Road. The track runs through native forest then along a river to reach the beach. It takes about 10 minutes. There were lots of people there, all with dogs, as this is known as a good beach for dogs.

When I pulled off Huia Road into the small carpark, the car behind me pulled off as well. As I was spraying my boots at the kauri dieback protection station at the start of the track, the driver was spraying her boots as well and joked that when I signalled to pull in she thought I must have had a dog on the bike. As we walked down the path, she explained this was a dog-friendly beach. I think that her attempt to strike up a conversation with a strange motorcyclist makes this a beach of friendly people as well. I asked her if she brought her dog to a place like this every day, but she said this was a day off work for her, not a typical day.

Distance travelled: 51 km. Total distance so far: 42,101 km

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