Lower Huia Dam

Day 338, Wednesday 25 July 2018

On a ride today to Huia with North Harbour Ulysses, with a stop at Arataki Visitor Centre on the way. At Huia, we split into three groups: one which walked up to Lower Huia Dam, one which did the gravel road over to Whatipu, and a third which went directly to the cafe for lunch. That way, we didn’t overwhelm the cafe by all turning up at once. It rained while we were having lunch but had cleared up by the time we were ready to leave.

The Lower Huia Dam, completed in 1971, is the most recent dam and has the largest storage capacity of any dam in the Waitakere Ranges, but the Lower Nihotupu Dam has a slightly larger lake area, and several dams in the Hunua Ranges are more recent. Because all these dams are constructed in a similar manner using rammed-earth, they do look quite similar to the untrained eye.


Distance travelled: 100 km. Total distance so far: 42,592 km

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