Whangateau Harbour

Day 340, Friday 27 July 2018

Today I explored the Whangateau Harbour, an inlet of the Hauraki Gulf near Matakana.

I started with Upper Whangateau Road, a gravel road going south from Leigh Road. It’s an access road for farmers, and doesn’t go as far as the coast, but it does have great views over the countryside.

Next was Big Omaha Wharf Road, which goes west from further along Leigh Road. It’s quite short and ends at a restored wharf building. In the mid 19th century, this wharf was one of the few places in the locality that a ship could tie up without risking running aground. The wharf was important and busy until the roads improved in the 1920s. A store lasted until 1953. There are information boards at the wharf and along the roadside.

Finally, I took Ti Point Road to the harbour mouth, where there’s a smaller jetty, and lots of small boats at anchor. A coastal walkway runs around the peninsula from here, but I didn’t have time to follow it.

Distance travelled: 172 km. Total distance so far: 42,768 km

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