Highway 22

Day 344, Tuesday 31 July 2018

State Highway 22 is a short highway connecting Pukekohe to the Southern Motorway. It’s not an interesting road at all. However, it once extended through Tuakau south to connect with the road from Hamilton to Raglan, State Highway 23. About 1990, the road was truncated to its current length. The old road is still called Highway 22 (but not State Highway…) for most of its length, and the southernmost portion is Ohautira Road. These are very nice country roads for motorcyclists, with lots of curves, little traffic especially on weekdays, and pleasant scenery.

I led an Auckland Ulysses ride down Highway 22 and Ohautira Road today, then along part of SH 23 to Whatawhata for lunch. The tight corners of Highway 22, and the more sweeping curves of Ohautira, were a delight.

Distance travelled: 295 km. Total distance so far: 43,178 km

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