Parkinson lookout and Ian Wells track

Day 347, Friday 3 August 2018

I rode along Scenic Drive today, and stopped at a lookout I’d never noticed before. Parkinson Lookout has a small carpark, and a two-minute walk goes to a viewing platform with views over the city and Waitematā Harbour. It’s not a bad view, but there are lots of places to pull over along Scenic Drive with just as good a view, and Pukematekeo lookout has a better view than this.


I then rode to the start of Ian Wells track on Piha Road. The track starts off as a disused forest road, generally in reasonable condition (better than the Long Road track I walked last week). After a few minutes walk, it branches, with a track to the right going to the Nihotupu Auxiliary Dam, built in 1919-21, and decommissioned in 1985. The main track is closed beyond this point to protect kauri against die-back. It gets a lot more rugged further along, so I wasn’t intending to go further in any case.


Distance travelled: 52 km. Total distance so far: 43,521 km

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