Day 349, Sunday 5 August 2018

Today has been busy, running last-minute errands and packing for a trip away tomorrow. I foolishly thought I could pack what I needed into a small backpack, but I very quickly realised that wouldn’t work. I decided to take a suitcase and an airline-standard carry on bag. Next problem: last time I went overseas, my flip-up helmet fitted in my carry on bag. Now I use a conventional full-face helmet, and it doesn’t fit. Nor does it fit in my suitcase. It does fit in the small backpack, but takes up almost all of it. I decided to take the backpack instead of the carry on bag, and the suitcase as well.

Since I’ll be riding an adventure bike at my destination, I took my own adventure bike out for a quick ride to refresh my memory of the upright riding position and high seat. This bike has been unused for the last couple of months, the plan being to make this my summer bike and the sports-tourer my winter bike.

Distance travelled: 5 km. Total distance so far: 43,690 km

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