Day 352, Wednesday 8 August 2018

Today I was the rider in charge, and I took us to Queen Mary Falls, which was well worth the small detour, then over a very munted but scenic road to Urbenville, and a better road with some rough areas south. We were planning to take Clarence Way from there to Grafton, but were worried about a section about 20 km long in the middle of it which was unsealed and might have been 4WD. We asked a few locals in Urbenville and got conflicting accounts. We decided to try it. However, the road was unsealed right from the start. After a few km, the TEC signalled for a group chat and said he wasn’t willing to do 130 km of gravel. Another rider had less than 130 km of range and has been about to signal for a chat himself. I thought the road would become sealed further along, but agreed to go back to the main highway, and a couple of riders were able to buy gas. Subsequently I realised that the gravel road we abandoned connected to the sealed road I had intended to take, but the gravel road had the name of the whole route which is why wr turned on to it. Never mind, we’ll get our fill of gravel tomorrow!

Distance travelled: 316 km. Total distance so far: 44,338 km

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