Glen Innes

Day 353, Thursday 9 August 2018.

The VStrom 1000 was lacking power, running rough and missing, so we took it in to the Suzuki dealer in Grafton. They replaced the spark plugs, after which it was much better though still not producing full power. The mechanic thought the fuel line filter might need attention. The older VStrom 650 also has some gremlins. My current model 650 has given me no trouble (so far), but it looks like these bikes are not well maintained.

We had a late start due to this, and modified our plans a little to take an easier route to our destination of Glen Innes, west of Grafton. We took the Gwydir Highway instead of the mostly-unsealed Old Grafton Road. Gwydir runs through Gibralter National Park, climbing to over 1100 metres. There were some spectacular views, especially from Raspberry Lookout. We also visited a waterfall down a slightly rough gravel road. The waterfall was nothing special, but the track to it gave me a good cardiovascular workout!

Distanced travelled: 177 km. Total distance so far: 44,515 km.

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