Thunderbolt Way

Day 357, Monday 13 August 2018.

Waited until 9 am for the day to warm up today. I rode by myself to the Ansley Falls about 20 km away. The falls had no water at all but the gorge was well worth the ride (see photo). I would have liked to spend more time exploring the area but didn’t want to hold the others up.

We left Walcha about 10 am by which time it was 6 degrees, and I wore extra clothing which made it tolerable with the lower wind levels. Unfortunately it didn’t warm up further and by the end of the first hour’s riding I was feeling distinctly chilly. We stopped at Carson’s Pioneer Lookout near Mares Run for a boil up which warmed us up a bit. After that the road started descending from the New England plateau to the lowlands, and the temperature rose with each descent. By the time we reached 200 m altitude (from an initial 1300 m) we were overheating in all our gear and had to pull over and remove the excess. The temperature briefly hit mid 20s before settling down around 20 degrees, which was very comfortable. The overnight low is forecast to be 4.

The Thunderbolt Way was quite spectacular during its descent from the plateau, but wasn’t particularly interesting for the rest of its length. We had lunch in Gloucester, then took country roads to Singleton which went through more interesting countryside and were more variable.

Distance travelled: 325 km. Total distance so far: 45,438 km.

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