The Putty Road

Day 358, Tuesday 14 August 2018.

While we all rode the same way today, one rider went ahead to meet a relative at Kurrajong.

Before leaving Singleton, we visited the giant sundial (first photo). It seemed to be running about an hour fast, which I don’t think is caused by daylight saving time!

We rode down the Putty Road, a most enjoyable experience. We stopped at the Grey Gum Cafe in the middle for a decent morning tea, and chatted to a friendly rider on a Ninja 1400.

After joining our companion at Kurrajong, we did a decent bush walk in the Blue Mountains with a great view (second photo), then took a nice country road to Lithgow for lunch, then a rather boring highway to Bathurst.

We’re going to spend a couple of nights in Bathurst with a “rest” day in which we do our own thing. In my case I’ll go exploring on the bike.

Distance travelled: 336 km. Total distance so far: 45,774 km.

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