Emu Creek

Day 362, Saturday 18 August 2018.

From Warwick to Kingaroy today: a short day.

We took a minor road from Crows Nest to Blackbutt via the evocatively-named Emu Creek. It was a pretty road with some twisty bits, and about 9 km of easy gravel. Thanks to members of Austrom for suggesting it. We pulled off the road at one point to have a drink of water and a muesli bar (photo 1). Nothing came by while we were stopped and we could have been in the middle of nowhere.

We checked into our motel in the early afternoon, and washed our bikes as we need to return them clean on Monday. We’ll probably have to wash them again then but the job will be easier after the thorough clean today.

Two of us went for a ride along Bunya Mountains Road later in the day. It’s a steep, winding country road with some decent views, culminating at a walking track up Mount Kiangarow. I liked the views from the summit (photo 2), and I was amused by the prevalent grass trees with their flamboyant flower spikes (photo 3).

Distance travelled: 341 km. Total distance so far: 47,408 km.

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