A Year and a Day

Day 366, Wednesday 22 August 2018.

I rode to a North Harbour Ulysses meetup point this morning. It was raining fairly heavily, so no ride ensued, but it was nice to catch up with the people.

I started this challenge just over a year ago. The challenge was to ride every day, with the exception of when I’m on holiday out of Auckland. At the time I wondered if I could keep it up for a year. I thought perhaps, if I did, I would reward myself by buying a new bike. However, not long after starting this, I did buy a second bike, and my first is still going well, so the reward for completing a year is the sense of satisfaction it brings.

I explored the area around Auckland more thoroughly than I’ve ever done before. I rode with friends in Ulysses many times, and found some new places further afield with them. I spent a couple of weeks experiencing Australia.

There were times I didn’t feel like riding, and did so anyway, because I had made this commitment.

Overall, I’ve really enjoyed this year! But I’m not going to continue the challenge further. I will of course continue to ride.

Distance travelled: 40 km. Total distance: 48,140 km


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