Day 349, Sunday 5 August 2018

Today has been busy, running last-minute errands and packing for a trip away tomorrow. I foolishly thought I could pack what I needed into a small backpack, but I very quickly realised that wouldn’t work. I decided to take a suitcase and an airline-standard carry on bag. Next problem: last time I went overseas, my flip-up helmet fitted in my carry on bag. Now I use a conventional full-face helmet, and it doesn’t fit. Nor does it fit in my suitcase. It does fit in the small backpack, but takes up almost all of it. I decided to take the backpack instead of the carry on bag, and the suitcase as well.

Since I’ll be riding an adventure bike at my destination, I took my own adventure bike out for a quick ride to refresh my memory of the upright riding position and high seat. This bike has been unused for the last couple of months, the plan being to make this my summer bike and the sports-tourer my winter bike.

Distance travelled: 5 km. Total distance so far: 43,690 km


Day 320, Saturday 7 July 2018

I had a most enjoyable drive up to Whangarei and back today—in a car. Although today is the start of the school holidays, there was little traffic on the road going up, and tolerable traffic coming home, and the weather was good.

Once I got home, the blue skies disappeared and showers replaced them, so I took a bike out only for a minimal ride around the block.

Distance travelled: 4 km. Total distance so far: 40,769 km

Around the block

Day 287, Monday 4 June 2018

The weather forecast this morning predicted an easing of the rain after 2 pm, so I planned my ride around that. However, when I checked the forecast about 1 pm, the rain appeared to be constant for the rest of the day. It wasn’t raining just then, so I took a bike out for a quick spin around the block, and didn’t get more than very slightly damp doing so.

Distance travelled: 16 km. Total distance so far: 37,299 km

Around the block

Day 248, Thursday 26 April 2018

A long day today, but not on a motorcycle. By the time I got home I did not feel like going for a ride. Since for the streak I have to ride, I did a very short ride, literally around the block. It felt good!

Distance travelled: 3 km. Total distance so far: 32,350 km

Riding in the dark

Day 220, Thursday 29 March 2018

I had a very busy day today, so I went for my daily ride before breakfast. Auckland is still dark at 6:30 am at this time of year, but rush hour was well underway.

I don’t often ride at night. My usual helmet has a tinted visor and that’s far too dark to be suitable for night riding. I wore a spare helmet with a clear visor this morning. My sports-tourer has an adequate but not brilliant headlight, so I rode my adventure bike, which has good lights. Being aware that my fluorescent jacket might not be as visible as usual, I took extra care to make sure other vehicles were aware of my presence or that I could avoid them if they moved into my lane.

This would have been more fun – but also more dangerous – if I’d been riding at night on a country road, but with limited time, I was only on city streets.

Distance travelled: 16 km. Total distance so far: 29,029 km

Ring Around Auckland

Day 199, Thursday 8 March 2018.

There were frequent showers today, some of them heavy. I thought of a few possible destinations for rides, but destinations aren’t much fun when its wet; even if they’re indoors I have wet gear to take care of. I decided just to go for a ride and see where it took me.

I ended up riding in a loop right around Auckland City, mostly on motorways. The advantages of being on a motorway in the rain is that the faster pace makes the motorcycle fairing more effective at deflecting the rain, and it’s safer because there’s no opposing traffic or uncontrolled entrances. Also, any slippery diesel spills are likely to be cleaned up very quickly.

I was a little damp when I got home, but I enjoyed this ride in the rain.

Distance travelled: 55 km. Total distance so far: 26,104 km

Motorcycle parking in Auckland CBD

Day 185, Thursday 22 February 2018.

I had a busy day, but I rode into the Auckland Central Business District. Auckland Transport are motorcycle-friendly, and provide free street-parking for motorcycles in the CBD, and also free parking in its parking buildings. The street-parking is time-limited, and in some areas it always seems to be full, while in other areas there are always parks available. The parking buildings do not have time limits as far as I know, but the parking in them reserved for motorcycles is usually full. However, there are always areas too small for a car to park which are suitable for motorcycles. They are marked with yellow boundaries. A few of these have “motorcycles prohibited” signs, but most seem to be available for parking. I’ve parked in these areas for years without ever being hassled.

motorcycle parking

Distance travelled: 11 km. Total distance so far: 24,279 km