A Year and a Day

Day 366, Wednesday 22 August 2018.

I rode to a North Harbour Ulysses meetup point this morning. It was raining fairly heavily, so no ride ensued, but it was nice to catch up with the people.

I started this challenge just over a year ago. The challenge was to ride every day, with the exception of when I’m on holiday out of Auckland. At the time I wondered if I could keep it up for a year. I thought perhaps, if I did, I would reward myself by buying a new bike. However, not long after starting this, I did buy a second bike, and my first is still going well, so the reward for completing a year is the sense of satisfaction it brings.

I explored the area around Auckland more thoroughly than I’ve ever done before. I rode with friends in Ulysses many times, and found some new places further afield with them. I spent a couple of weeks experiencing Australia.

There were times I didn’t feel like riding, and did so anyway, because I had made this commitment.

Overall, I’ve really enjoyed this year! But I’m not going to continue the challenge further. I will of course continue to ride.

Distance travelled: 40 km. Total distance: 48,140 km


Motorcycling streak

A streak is to perform an activity every day for a long period. This term is usually used for a running or bicycling streak, but it can be used for motorcycling. The longest motorcycle streak I know of has lasted over 6,000 days so far.

I rode bikes in my youth in the 1970s, but drifted away from it in the mid 1980s, and only started again in 2013. I’ve done almost 100,000 km since then, and would like to step it up a notch.

I live in Auckland, New Zealand. It’s a beautiful country, ideal for motorcycling, and with a climate which allows me to ride all year round. I’m retired, so I have the time.

My aim is to:

  1. Ride every day, unless I am unable to ride for significant medical reasons (I don’t anticipate this to be a factor in the near future), or if I am on holiday outside of Auckland.
  2. Keep a minimum average distance travelled of 100 km per day

There will be days when I am busy, or the weather is foul, or I have a cold and don’t feel like riding. On these days, I will do a shorter ride, possibly even just ride around the block. To allow such shorter rides, I need to keep ahead of my 100 km per day so I always have some spare mileage in the bank.

Lets see how long I can keep this up!