Te Akau

Day 38, Thursday 28 September 2017

I took the gravel roads south from Port Waikato today. These roads have lots of potholes, corrugations and ruts at the moment, and there are numerous slips, some marked but others doing their best to sneak up on you. I saw a couple of goats, a turkey, several cattle and a chicken on the road. The road goes through lovely countryside with spectacular limestone outcrops. In a few places there are views over the Tasman Sea.

The road ends at Te Akau wharf, which is on the northern side of Raglan Harbour. The view across the water to Raglan is spectacular, but there’s no facilities here. The so-called wharf is just a concrete strip suitable for launching boats.


Distance travelled: 302 km. Total distance so far: 5488 km


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