Day 355, Saturday 11 August 2018.

We came from Grafton south to Bellingen, taking a nice country road to Carumba with a stop for morning tea at Glenreagh, where I ate a bobcat pie for the first time in my life. It was nice; they must have skinned the cat before putting it in the pie! (actually bobcat refers not to roadkill but is an acronym for the ingredients: bacon, beef, cheese and tomato, or something similar).

From Carumba we took a very twisty road west through a forest. It turned to a decent gravel road. Good riding. As we approached Dorrigo we stopped at Dangar Falls for an improvised lunch and boilup.

We took the Waterfall Highway to Bellingen, and that was well surfaced sealed twisty road with great views but unfortunately nowhere to stop to photograph the scenery!

Bellingen is a tourist trap. We would have done better going elsewhere. We’re staying in the youth hostel which is okay but not value for money compared to previous motels and pubs.

Unfortunately one of our riders left a jacket behind at Grafton, and had to go back to collect it, a three-hour round trip.

Photos of a canoer on the Clarence River at Grafton, and the Dangar Falls.

Distance travelled: 157 km. Total distance so far: 44,853 km.

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