Kennedy Park

Day 313, Saturday 30 June 2018

Kennedy Park in Castor Bay is a nice park with good views over the Waitemata Harbour. There used to be steep stairs down to the beach, but these were closed last year due to slips.

The main feature of the park is the Second World War gun emplacements. At least two six-inch guns were installed in 1941-2, with camouflage structures around them to make them look like holiday homes from the air. Nearby barracks were also made to look like a house, and the parade ground painted to look like tennis courts.

The guns were removed and sold for scrap in 1951, but the emplacements are still there. The tunnels below them are gated off, but there are regular tours through them. It’s an interesting piece of local history, and seems popular with several groups of people there at the same time I visited.

Distance travelled: 36 km. Total distance so far: 39,755 km

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