Back to Queensland

Day 361, Friday 17 August 2018.

We rode from Tamworth to Warwick today, one via the New England Highway and the rest of us via Warialda and Texas. The roads were empty, and the latter route appeared free of speed traps.

On the way, we stopped at a rest area a bit south of Warialda for a boilup (see photo 1), and were amazed/terrified/impressed by the large and very aggressive ants in the vicinity!

Lunch in Texas just over the Queensland border. It’s a motorcycle-friendly town (see photo 2) but seems very isolated from other areas.

In our motel in Warwick, we handwashed our clothes, and spread them out on impromptu lines tied between our bikes (see photo 3).

Distance travelled: 415 km. Total distance so far: 47,067 km.

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