Day 43, Tuesday 3 October 2017

I led a group of Ulyssians down to Raglan this morning. We had a couple of brief showers, and it was gusty, but they were playful gusts, not the vicious blows of yesterday. Most of the time, it was sunny and very pleasant.

After lunch we split into two groups, with the majority riding back to Auckland on the sealed Highway 22, and three of us exploring the back roads to the west of Highway 22. At first they were a mixture of sealed (Waimai Valley Road) and unsealed but in good condition (Dixon and Richardson roads). As we got further north, the roads became rougher, but also had spectacular views over the countryside (Bothwell, Wairamarama-Waikaretu, Brien and Ponganui roads – link requires registration). We saw a rabbit, turkeys, cattle and sheep on these roads.Raglan

Photo of the main street of Raglan.

Distance travelled: 330 km. Total distance so far: 6263 km

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