Mount St John (Te Kōpuke)

Day 103, Saturday 2 December 2017.

Most of Auckland’s volcanic cones are accessible by foot only, and those still accessible by cars are going to have that access removed in the near future. Today I read a news article that Mt Albert (visited 25 August) and Mt Roskill (visited 22 November) will close to vehicular traffic in 2018. I think this is good, the cones are more peaceful without vehicles, and there is a sense of satisfaction from having climbed them which is reduced when an internal combustion engine has done all the work.

Today I went to a volcanic cone which has never (as far as I know) been open to vehicular traffic. Mount St John is an old Māori pā site in the modern suburb of Epsom, offering, as all the cones do, wonderful views over Auckland. In particular, I was struck today by how green Auckland is. Auckland has been called a “remarkable urban forest“.

Distance travelled: 10 km. Total distance so far: 14,907 km

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