Te Tatua-a-Riukiuta (Big King)

Day 138, Saturday 6 January 2018.

I rode to a local volcanic cone, the only survivor of the Three Kings, as its companions have been quarried away. While it is commonly called Big King, it was officially renamed Te Tātua-a-Riukiuta in 2014.

I went to see a graffiti of one of New Zealand’s most-loved cartoon characters, Dog from Footrot Flats. It was painted last March as a tribute to the cartoonist, Murray Ball, who had recently died. The graffiti was anonymous at first, but later the artist Paul Walsh claimed it. The owner of the water reservoir on which it is painted planned to remove it, as they have done with previous unauthorised artworks, but agreed to leave it after a public outcry.


Distance travelled: 12 km. Total distance so far: 18,146 km

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