Motorcycle parking in Auckland CBD

Day 185, Thursday 22 February 2018.

I had a busy day, but I rode into the Auckland Central Business District. Auckland Transport are motorcycle-friendly, and provide free street-parking for motorcycles in the CBD, and also free parking in its parking buildings. The street-parking is time-limited, and in some areas it always seems to be full, while in other areas there are always parks available. The parking buildings do not have time limits as far as I know, but the parking in them reserved for motorcycles is usually full. However, there are always areas too small for a car to park which are suitable for motorcycles. They are marked with yellow boundaries. A few of these have “motorcycles prohibited” signs, but most seem to be available for parking. I’ve parked in these areas for years without ever being hassled.

motorcycle parking

Distance travelled: 11 km. Total distance so far: 24,279 km

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