Te Kopua o Matakamokamo

Day 318, Thursday 5 July 2018

Te Kopua o Matakamokamo, also called Tank Farm or Tuff Crater, is a volcanic explosion crater in Northcote, created about 200,000 years ago. It got its Pākehā name from nine large fuel tanks built on the northern rim during WW2. These have since been removed.

The crater is a tidal lagoon, rich in wildlife but threatened by predators and invasive weeds. I thought I would be able to walk right around it, but there’s no bridge over the outlet stream, and progress in that direction is blocked by the Northern Motorway. The track is rather muddy in places. A pedestrian walkway alongside the motorway and an upgrade to the track are planned.

Distance travelled: 26 km. Total distance so far: 40,713 km

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